WikiLeaks…good, bad, or just plain UGLY????

As I’m pretty sure that anyone who hasn’t been living underneath their bed for the past few days knows, WikiLeaks has released about a quarter of a million cables sent by diplomats and ambassadors around the world.  And, in class, and in many other Socials classes around the world, it’s become a very hot-button issue.

In my opinion, this was a very stupid move for WikiLeaks in terms of global interests, but a very shrewd one in terms of Americans themselves.  The way I see it, one of the largest problems we have in terms of racism is the fact that people simply don’t understand and can’t comprehend the entirety of the situation presented.  The reason that people don’t understand that the Muslim faith  is all about

peace, generosity, unity, freedom, and kindness

is because they just don’t have enough knowledge to make an informed decision.  Unfortunately, they end up spouting this drivel to their friends, who take it as the truth.  The only way this cycle of stupidity can end is if the public BECOMES INFORMED.  And, at the heart of it, that’s what I think WikiLeaks  tried to do.  BUT WAIT!  This isn’t a story where it all ends happily, Julian Assange is forgiven, and the US government is commended for a job well done.  NO!, it’s a story where innocent Afghans have taken a risk to speak to NATO forces to help them fight against the Taliban, a fact that the Taliban are sure to try to seek retribution against.  It’s also placed many diplomats and ambassadors in precarious positions, and strained political and military ties with other allies.  I don’t understand how anyone can praise WikiLeaks for what it’s done.  People are getting hurt every day, pain around the world is spreading.  The people who say that WikiLeaks has done a good thing can say this because they aren’t on the front lines.  It has impacted the whole geo-political balance of power throughout the world.  Countries will be less willing to trust and share secrets with the US, fearing another security breach.  Plus, a formerly secret alliance may be now public, resulting in a public outcry from people set against America, and in the country feeling the backlash from an attempt to work with the US politicians.

Think about this.  Where do you think the American Revolution would have been if WikiLeaks had been around.  The Congress in Philadelphia is just getting off the ground, when documents are leaked listing all the major names and ideas of the eventual Declaration of Independence.  Tarred and feathered much?  If this had indeed happened, the Revolution would have stalled, all the ringleaders taken and severely punished by the British rulers.  Remember, this was when the British were sending in thousands of troops in an attempt to crackdown and regain control over unruly America.  If WikiLeaks had been around, it may have resulted in a situation not unlike Hong Kong, with England remaining in control for many many years.   It would definitely have slowed the development of the US, and might have even prevented it from becoming the global superpower that it is today.

On another note however, it’s really kind of amazing how well sports and life go together.  Quoting from my Wikispaces post, just so that any passing public might enjoy, just this past week, Colin Campbell’s emails were made public. In them, he (among other things) had called Marc Savard “a little fake artist“, and made complaints about the penalties referees were calling on his son, Gregory Campbell.  Similarly to the US, whose diplomatic cables were just made public.  And in order to retain some ambivalence with allied countries, the US pr crew has been working 24/7 in order to do damage control. Same thing with the NHL. Only in the NHL’s case, it’s not working. Like the US, Colin Campbell has said some very controversial things. And like the US, the NHL hasn’t apologized for those comments. The White House said that the “reckless and dangerous action” taken by WikiLeaks could disrupt American activities around the world. Well, if it’s potentially that harmful, then WHY IN THE WORLD ARE YOU SAYING THESE THINGS!!!!? It just doesn’t make sense. In an interview with TSN, Colin Campbell was asked whether he thought that his e-mails were inappropriate and he said no. But when pressed, he admitted that “it is inappropriate”. Wait. I thought you just said it wasn’t? Now you’re changing your answers? To compound the problem, he then said “But no one told me or maybe told you five years ago that you can take your emails and read them all. If I knew someone was going to read my emails, then I would have positioned it differently.” So, if you knew someone was reading it, you would have said something else? Because that just solves the whole problem. No, this wasn’t just “dressing-room” talk. It was a mistake that you hoped people wouldn’t find out about. Just like the US, they said somethings they hoped people (North Korea, Pakistan, Americans, etc) wouldn’t see, and now they’re trying to cover it up by talking to the offended countries. “Yeah, you know how we were bashing you in secret messages we never meant for you to read? Well, we didn’t REALLY mean it, it was just dressing room talk, and we hope that we can still be friends and everything.” The NHL has already messed up. Now it’s the US’s turn. It’ll be interesting to see how they handle it, and whether it’ll turn into the same kind of debacle as the NHL PR has on their hands right now.